HOA violations, HOA stands for a homeowner’s association. If you’re gonna buy a home that has an HOA, you wanna verify at least a couple of things. Number one, you wanna verify that the monthly payment is what was said, and number two, you wanna make sure that there’s no HOA liens or violations against the property.

I recently had a client in escrow and it turned out that the amount of the monthly payment that was disclosed to him was a lot. Then the actual monthly payment. As a matter of fact, it was almost double now with this buyer, he could handle it. No problem. He still wanted the house, but we also found out that there was an HOA violation against the property that carried a $100 per month.

Fine. And that wasn’t disclosed us either. Now my client wanted this house, so we were able to go to the seller, get everything resolved before the close of escrow, but had we not looked over the Paper work. It may have been a different situation. So HOA violations, monthly payments, make sure you check it out before you close escrow.

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