Waive the Home Inspection?

This is a market where we see multiple people, waiving contingencies. It could be the home inspection contingency. It could be the prison contingency or even the loan contingency, just because you waive a home inspection doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. It just means the home or the cell. I’m sorry. Isn’t contingent upon you having a …

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C.L.U.E. Report

https://vimeo.com/706313311 Do you know what a clue report is? C.L.U.E. stands for comprehensive loss, underwriting, the exchange. It doesn’t come from a year real estate company. It doesn’t come from escrow. It does not come from your mortgage company. It comes from your insurance carrier, the person who’s going to handle your homeowners insurance. When you buy a home, the mortgage …

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Yes there’s a Shift

https://vimeo.com/696787254 So what’s happening in the market. There’s a shift…there’s a shift taking place right now.  Interest rates are going up. It is what it is. For all the people that are complaining about it. Well, those low interest  rates, that was just a season. Four or five, 6% is still a pretty good interest …

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